Minimum Selection Requirement to complete the configuration:

  • Input Type
  • One Output Panel


Following functions are included by default (cannot be modified in the online configurator)

  • 19” 3 U aluminum subrack
  • Main switch
  • Mains fuses
  • Circuit breaker panel
  • Emergency stop system
  • Status LEDs for phase presence and emergency stop
  • ON/OFF switch for switched outputs


Possible configuration

Power Input

  • Mains Input: 400 V 3-phase or 230 V 1-phase
  • Preferred connector types: e.g. IEC 60309 3L+N+PE, 6h, IEC 60320-C20, Harting Han 3A with Han Q 5/0
  • With or without EMC filter

Power Output

  • AC Outputs: 2 rear panels with different connector types such as IEC 60320-C13, IEC 60320-C19 or CEE 7/3 Type F (Schuko).
  • DC Output: 24 V DC, 14.6 A power supply with rear output panel
  • Permanent AC Service Outputs: IEC 60320-C13 or CEE 7/3 Type F (Schuko) at the front and/or rear panel


  • RCD circuit breaker
  • Transparent cover for the circuit breakers
  • Surge Arrester
  • Inrush Current Limiter

Additional Information:

  • On customer request the safety features and power distribution can be divided into two devices. Please state requirement in additional comments.
  • Optional remote management module (on/off function, all states can be queried remotely and all switching functions can be performed remotely) on custom request. Please state requirement in additional comments.
  • All outputs except the "Service" outputs will be switched off by the Emergency Stop system
  • All AC outputs are protected by circuit breakers.
  • For IEC 60309 connectors EMC input filter can be selected. If EMC filter is required with other mains input connector, please state in additional requirements field

For more information about the installation and safety system, please download the user manual.


Please download our Standard Color Pattern Guide for information about our standard color offering.

The fastest way to define your PDU including emergency safety functions

Rack Safety Plus, the 19“ 3 U Power Distribution Unit with Emergency Stop System, which can be modified based on your application needs. Select the power input, power output, additional features such as a surge arrester or EMC filter based on your hardware infrastructure.

Do you wish a different in- or output connectors or other features? Please tell us in the “additional requirements field” in the Features section.


More detailed description ᐁ

Configuration Start / Default Features

The configuration starts with a default option set mandatory for power distribution with emergency stop:

  • 19” 3 U aluminum subrack, D: 547,11mm (excluding connectors)
  • Emergency stop system including:
    • Emergency stop button
    • Emergency stop input and status output connector
    • Emergency stop status LEDs
    • Redundant safety circuit with built-in self-monitoring
  • ON/OFF switch for switched outputs
  • Ground stud

All other functions can be selected according to the application needs.


You cannot find what you need?

In the Features selection you can add your individual requirements not covered by our predefined selections. Your preferred in- or output connectors or other features missing? Please tell us in the “additional requirements field”.

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