With our online configurator, you have the freedom to customize your RatiopacPRO Style case according to your specific requirements. Here are the available configuration options:

  1. Basics
    • Sizes:
    • Height: 3 U and 4 U (2 U and 6 U will be available from 2024).
    • Width: 28 HP, 42 HP, 63 HP, and 84 HP.
    • Depth: 235.5 mm, 295.5 mm, 355.5 mm, and 415.5 mm.
    • Custom sizes, please state in last step, additional information
    • EMC Protection: Add EMC protection to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. For the test report, please refer to the RatiopacPRO test reports with the same performance (DE) (EN)
    • Bottom Perforation and Air Filter: Modify the case with perforation at the bottom and an air filter.
  2. Frame Design
    • Handles or Trim: Decide whether you prefer handles or a trim at the front and rear.
    • Rubber Strip: Choose between having rubber strips on the top and bottom of the frame or circulating all around the frame.
  3. Design Style
    • Colors: Personalize your RatiopacPRO Style desktop case by selecting colors for the top,- bottom,- side cover, frame, and rubber strips.
    • Side Panel Patterns: Choose whether you want side panel patterns (available end 2023)
    • Graphical Elements: Add logos, images, or other graphical elements to give your desktop case a unique touch.
  4. Board Mechanic
    • Front and Rear Panel Mounting: Reference how you will mount your front panels, this will give us more details to prepare the quote.  
    • Mounting Plate and/or Card Cage: Select the appropriate options for your mounting plate and/or card cage requirements.
  5. Additional Requirements
    • If you would like to share more details about the design requirements, please share more attachments.

RatiopacPRO Air:
Please note that the RatiopacPRO Air Style version is not yet available. If you require advanced cooling, check out our RatiopacPRO Air.

Other Sizes:
We are continuously expanding our range of sizes, and soon, 2 U and 6 U options will be available. For further information, please reach out to our customer care. In case of immediate needs, you can refer to the RatiopacPRO.

Design your Difference: Customize Your Desktop Cases with Ease

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